After 24 months of hard work the European project Its4Women is back with some news just before the
conclusion of the project. The project is realised by the coordinator BDF (Netherlands) and 5 partners
coming from different European countries: Laptify (Netherlands), EOLAS (Spain), Dalarna Science Park
(Sweden), IDP (Ireland), and Babele create together (Romania).

Our impact
We believe that one of the most relevant ways to show the impact of Its4Women is to share some of the feedback we have
received from the young women that have started using the learning and inspirational platform we have built :

‘Without a doubt, this platform motivates anyone to consider a career in ICT.’

‘I am very happy to have found the Its4Women platform, as I find all the available content (which is very varied) very complete and inspiring, and the navigation is very easy! It has been a very pleasant surprise, so I would recommend it without hesitation’

Our events
During the month of October, all partners have organised multiplier events. We want to share
with you some of the feedback we have received from participants of the multiplier event:

I think you always have to fight to pursue your dreams, what you want to achieve professionally. It won’t always be easy, so it’s great that these kinds of initiatives give visibility to new career options for women and girls, and inspire them to pursue their
own changes. If I had to give one last piece of advice, I would tell them to try more technical careers, anything is possible! ‘
Collaborator during the ITs4Women event in Spain

‘I was always full of respect but also intimidated by people in tech, after this event, I feel it is not that far and not that hard to start a career in IT, you just need to go step-by-step, and ITsforwomen gave me the inspiration on how to do that. Thank you so much!’
Participant at the multiplier event in Romania

The project is coming to an end, but our work to inspire women in tech is not

You can still visit our website, join the learning space and read our roadmap to organize alliances and
events for women in IT.